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The Value of Our Services

We provide the following benefits to our PALS™ and display advertising partners:

  • Exposure
  • Data Management
  • Consolidation
  • Development and Maintenance of Client Lists
  • Marketing and Advertising tools
  • Value to your customers
  • Rewards to users

KMSI SOLUTIONS – Traditional marketing platforms are often expensive, require time-consuming maintenance, and lack user interaction. KMSI offers cost-efficient platforms to help your company connect with users, generate new business and gain exposure using state-of-the-art technology and digital advertising strategies. KMSI APPROACH – Digital communication is becoming an “everyday medium” for advertising and delivery of content across all industries on an international level. We believe in the relevance and significance in using social media and virtual communities as a platform to deliver and maintain communication, customer relationships, brand recognition and marketing.

Software Features: Manage effortlessly from anywhere

A fully-customizable suite that will engage your customers. Kaleidoscope also allows for scaled installs to help your business grow.

Kaleidoscope can save the average merchant / business owner 10% – 30% on their current credit & debit card processing costs.

Kaleidoscope offers affordable and smart Point-of-Sale solution with advanced touch screen technology.


Kaleidoscope helps boost profitability by optimizing sales automation and enhanced customer interactions.

Kaleidoscope streamlines purchasing and inventory management tasks by providing decision support and automating purchase requests and other recurring procurement steps.

Kaleidoscope’s Human Resources Management module provides a uniform record keeping format, reduces administrative costs and optimizes human resources deployment, training and advancement.

Kaleidoscope deploys a world-class Accounting and Financial Management module featuring user defined internal controls and audit trails – yet it is surprisingly flexible, intuitive, and user friendly.

Successful business owners know that B2B relationships can drive significant traffic…both ways.

Kaleidoscope allows for complete CRM with mobile integration and direct delivery of marketing materials.

Kaleidoscope offers top of the line E-commerce solutions with the option of linking to all some or none of the KCS systems.

Kaleidoscope empowers your employees with tools they need to enhance customer relationships by providing personalized, timely, and informed customer service.

Kaleidoscope media systmes


  • Payment Processing
  • Digital Communication
  • Website Development 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Point of Sale Integration
  • Database Management 
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