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Software Features

Manage effortlessly from anywhere

A fully-customizable suite that will engage your customers. Kaleidoscope also allows for scaled installs to help your business grow.

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Grow your business

Kaleidoscope automates your systems, allowing you to focus on what matters, while providing the information you will need to succeed.

Power for anyone

Kaleidoscope serves businesses big and small, from your corner gym, to retailers around the world. Kaleidoscope provides solutions for all business needs.

Upgrades automatically

We’re constantly improving with updates that equip you with great new features to help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.

How does it Work

Track sales in real time.

By recording cash, cards, or any other kinds of payments with Kaleidoscope, you can monitor sales trends and create sales reports for the day, month, or year. You can also track all funds and issue refunds.

Taxes made easy

Kaleidoscope allows you to instantly populate a spreadsheet with your sales history for tax purposes—which means you don’t have to spend nearly as much time preparing for taxes.

Control all information employees see.

As a manager, you can control what your employees can see and do while tracking every action made in system.

Works offline

Kaleidoscope lets you record transactions even when the internet is down. They’ll be stored locally, then automatically sync online when you’re connected again.

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