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Complete Software & Services for any business.

Our Story

Kaleidoscope Media Systems was founded in 2011 to give business owners full control through automation allowing them to know where their business is in real time from anywhere in the world on any device. Kaleidoscopes Multi National Software solutions not only provide complete business automation but also online marketing delivering the top page placement on Google, Instagram and Facebook.  Kaleidoscope’s comprehensive all-in-one business services cover all of your essential needs in real time. By having everything in one place, you can save time, increase efficiency, and decrease errors no matter how many locations you have. Kaleidoscope’s business solutions gives you everything you need to operate with ease, and concentrate on growing your business.

Kaleidoscope is a Seattle based company that is a high level marketing agency with Software and Services that can operate and improve any business.

Kaleidoscope developed and deploys specialized Enterprise Reporting and Planning systems (ERP) that can operate any business with specialized versions for a wide range of industries.

Kaleidoscope empowers you to have full control and visibility on your business with our:

Kaleidoscope provides modern responsive web designs to ensure brand recognition and top placement for your market. We tie all customer services, sales and social media into our comprehensive back end solutions enabling simple management and comprehensive company information delivered to your staff.

No matter the size, location, or type of business Kaleidoscope has a solution to help you grow.



Kaleidoscope strategically deploys software and services that delivers information, provides advertising and entertainment and utilizes social media and online marketing strategies. We ensure complete company care so you can take care of your customers and grow your business.


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