Kaleidoscope media systems offers an all in one software solution, custom made to your specific needs and scalable to any size business or company. Give your business an opportunity to expand it’s potential  and reach with tools made to help companies thrive in the modern world. From Online Menus to financial accounting, from customer relations management to supply chain management; come see what KMSI can do for you.


To simplify the choice of the right services, KMSI offers a series of packages designed to cater to different types of businesses in the Market.

Retailer & Home Business

KMSI’s standard package for businesses covering 3 pivotal areas of  commerce designed to be used daily and by nearly all groups selling and buying goods; both Online and in house. KMSI’s point of sale and online menu modules list and document your data and products in a way that is esthetically pleasing to customers, and creates a smooth and user friendly transaction process that will resonate with customers; which will help generate reoccurring business. Additionally beyond the base packages you may add additional services or try an A la cart option. The Retailer package include the following services: 

 •Point of sale           

 •Online Menu            

 •Credit Card processing


Service Business

KMSI’s Service business package is made for those specifically offering companies or customers a service in a particular field, or for those offering an array of Services, and two of the most important focuses in the Service industry is quality of the job done and customer satisfaction. By creating a communication system for customer relations that is responsive and intuitive to customer needs, along with setting proper standard operating procedures for completing projects and jobs, KMSI will help your business build your customer base and reputation within your field of service. Additionally beyond the base packages you may add additional services or try an A la cart option. The Service business package include the following services: 

Project Manager   

Customer Care  

Field Service 

 • Customer Relations Management           

Inventory Management

Financial Offices

The financial offices package was created with large, or complex operations in mind, for those wanting analysis of their full commercial picture. KMSI’s accounting module is scalable to any size business and can streamline the way you process and handle all of your data, which can refine the way you conduct and use certain aspects of your business, such as your budget, sales trends, resource management and cost . By streamlining both the data and the way you approach it, KMSI will save your company or business time and energy which can then be re-used on other sectors to maximize total efficiency. Additionally beyond the base packages you may add additional services or try an A la carte option. The Financial offices packages include the following services:

• Financial Accounting       

• Customer Relations Management

Customer care

• Project Manager

Online Seller

KMSI’s Online Seller package is made and designed for those who sell online without the use of a physical store front; so your needs will differ, but a lot of needs will stay the same. Whether it’s in person or online you will always want to ensure your customers have the most enjoyable experience possible, and that starts with attending to their needs. An eye catching and functional Menu that can relate actual inventory data in-real time is critical to ensuring every sales opportunity is presented and available to the customer base. The end result we are left with is an attractive online sales opportunity where people can navigate and find the products they want, along with avoiding animosity via an error or misrepresentation of availability; which will in turn bring customers back for more. Additionally beyond the base packages you may add additional services or try an A la carte option. KMSI’s Online Seller package include the following services:

• Inventory Management

• Customer Care

Customer Relations Management

• Online Store

KMSI offers affordable and smart Point-of-Sale solution with advanced touch screen technology. This solution is geared with a number of innovative features that benefit the retail business by enhancing employee productivity and full reporting and planning.

KMSI delivers powerful eCommerce stores to sell anything online with secure payment acceptance and online order management. Ship anywhere in the world with custom shipping options, tracking and rates. Increase orders with smart coupons, online discount codes and product packages sent directly to customers via email. Integrate your online store live with Google product feeds, Instagram, and Facebook markets.

Empower your employees with tools they need to enhance customer relationships, by customizing your message to educate your customers on specials, deals, and promotions or just a timely thank you.

Create, communicate, and engage with new and existing customers With the help of KMSI's Social Media management services, and expand your reach with your potential customer basis by showcasing your company and brand in the best possible fashion over multiple platforms.

KMSI automates purchasing and inventory management tasks by providing decision support and automating day to day operations. Control reorder points, multiple inventory locations and all products to ensure inventory is always available when and where you need it. Reduce overhead by maximizing inventory efficiency and reduced labor, and use automated reporting directly integrated with all orders and sales.

KMSI Deploys a world-class Accounting and Financial Management module featuring user defined internal controls and audit trails, Which can boost your functionality track your expenses, costs.

With KMSI's Sales Automation module you will be able to prospect more efficiently, process orders more quickly, reduce operating costs substantially, and provide customer service superbly delivered.

KMSI enables a Human Resources Management module and provides a uniform record keeping format, payroll and employee relations.


A la Carte

KMSI uses a number of strategies such as social media marketing, pay per click ads, and email campaigns to help either build or boost your online presence and business.

KMSI offers top of the line E-commerce solutions with the option of linking to all, or any individual module of the KMSI systems. Seamless integration to physical locations and allowing for a single management interface to makes orders, track and manage inventory, sales, and customer interactions with ease.

Cut out the middle man and save 10-30% on your processing. Except cards in store, online, and by phone. full customer service and 100% transparency on every transaction. Free analysis to show what you could be saving,

KMSI can direct customers from your competitors to your platform simply because your site is easier to find. By making sure you have an updated site and use the most appropriate keywords and images KMSI will increase your online visits and put your site on the top of the list of searches.

KMSI's expert web developers will build you a professional custom made website designed to cater to your specific needs and functions, and be made to interact with your customers online to help generate traffic and build your customer base.

KMSI helps you connect with your customers with push notifications, sharing on social media, and allows for in app sales and location mapping. Have your own App custom made and designed to direct customers to your online store and reduce cost by avoiding hidden charges and fees.

KMSI's delivery and integration system will help refine your process regarding how you communicate via text to your customers and make sure they are going to the right customers for the right promotions, which will help increasing traffic and sales. All your sales, specials, and offers will be displayed, to the best fits instead of to your entire base, saving you time and money .

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