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Kaleidoscope brings businesses affordable and smart Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. Our advanced touch screen technology is geared with a number of innovative features that benefit the retail business by enhancing employee productivity. Our POS solution helps maximize operational efficiency by automating regular Point-of-Sale tasks, making it simple yet robust, and easily manageable and scalable.

Kaleidoscope’s systems are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing it to be used as a stand-alone module or integrated seamlessly with complete company all-in-one software. Our POS system is operable with a touch screen, keyboard or mouse from any modern web browser and comes with bar code scanner support, convenient prepay options, and accounting integration. Our system is also integrated with bar code and price label printing, fingerprint and sign pad scanners, digital image capture capability, and credit card and check scanner payments. Additionally, our POS system integrates with Z-Out and Cash Register and provides detailed Point-Of-Sale and business reports facilities, integrated online menus, and an integrated loyalty program.

What you can Expect:

  • Operable with Touch Screen, Keyboard or Mouse from any modern web browser
  • Integrated Online Menu
  • Integrated Loyalty Program
  • Pick up and Delivery 
  • Bar Code Scanner Support
  • Convenient Prepay Option (Credit Card, Debit Card, Online, Check etc.)
  • Seamless integration with KMSI’s complete company operations software
  • Flexibility to be used as a stand-alone module
  • General Ledger Integration
  • Integrated Barcode Printing
  • Integrated Price Label Printing
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Credit card/Touchless Payments
  • Check Scanner
  • Integrates with Z-Out and Cash Register
  • Digital Image Capture capability
  • Sign Pad Integration
  • Detailed Point-Of-Sale and Business Reports facility
  • Customization and Support
    • Customizable options and settings
    • Compatibility with various design templates
    • Regular updates and premium support
    • Advanced features for specific enhancements
  • Point of Sale (POS) System
    • Real-time inventory sync
    • Customizable POS interface
    • Support for multiple registers and virtual registers
  • eCommerce Integration
    • Complete eCommerce solution integrated to the POS with the Online Menu module
    • Product management and inventory control
    • Payment gateway integrations
  • Tax and Delivery Configuration
    • Configure delivery and tax settings
    • Automatic tax calculations
  • Payment Processing
    • Accept payments
    • Supports multiple currencies
    • Secure payment processing
  • Inventory Management
    • Bulk manage product stock
    • Quick stock updates
    • Stock status notifications

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At Kaleidoscope, we understand the importance of efficiency and resilience for any business. That’s why we offer a reliable POS system that can help you run an efficient and resilient business. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, our POS solution can help you maximize productivity and enhance customer satisfaction. With our innovative features and adaptable design, we are confident that our POS system can meet the needs of any retail business. Join us at Kaleidoscope and experience the benefits of a modern POS system today.

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