Point of Sale

Kaleidoscope offers affordable and smart Point-of-Sale solution with advanced touch screen technology. This solution is geared with a number of innovative features that benefit the retail business by enhancing employee productivity. The operational efficiency is maximized with the automation of regular Point-of-Sale tasks. With its simple yet robust design, the solution offers maximum performance and adaptability, and is easily manageable and scalable. With its ease to integrate with Kaleidoscope, the Kaleidoscope POS helps the retailers to run an efficient and resilient business.


Kaleidoscope builds supports and hosts websites for any business. Link in smart online software solutions to a new look and brand experience for your business. Flexible, consistent services for customers across all platforms. Bringing new approaches to web development including progressive web apps, we bring front-end, back-end solutions together to improve your business and maximize customer interactions.


Manage your entire business with our smart Enterprise Reporting and Planning software. Know where your business is at all times with one solution that enables easy operations for any company. Allow for complete visibility with Sales Automation, Supply Chain Management and Inventory Controls, Point of Sale, Human Resources, Financial Accounting, Project Management and more all in one online solution.

Apps for Apple and Android

Using advanced web utilities we are able to make your web enabled systems into a full App. Minimize your startup costs with our App developers that create one seamless app for the Apple store and the Google play store that ties directly into your website and any advanced web solutions. 

What you can Expect with our software:

  • Complete customization
  • Full featured systems built to work together
  • Help libraries to ensure you always remember every aspect of the systems use
  • Training and guidance to get the right systems for your business
  • Online and in person technical support
  • Always on web services or on site solutions
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